Cristiana will satisfy each one of your shopping requirements with professionalism, style and exclusiveness, allowing you to optimise your time and money.
Some services:

SHOPPING ON DEMAND: If you have no time to or do not feel like shopping, or  do not have very clear ideas on what to buy. Shopping for all occasions, such as birthdays, graduations, Christmas… After an initial consultation about your budget and requirements, I will look for and buy you the most appropriate gift.

SEARCH OF PARTICULAR ARTICLES: I can discover the undiscoverable article, something really unique that will show off your personality.

IMAGE CONSULTING AND WARDROBE RESTYLING: Cristiana will help you choose the right look for every occasion, but also to create new outfits to shape you a new image. We will start with the analysis of your style and personality and then begin to rearrange your wardrobe: getting  rid of what is out-of-date, and keeping the most suitable items, getting the most out of them, creating new outfits. And if need be, Cristiana can assist in the preparation of a shopping list to buy what is missing in your updated wardrobe.

OTHER SERVICES: Hotels and restaurants reservation, car rental with driver.

For more information, estimates or particular requirements, please consult the contacts page.