Born into a family that has worked in high-end italian fashion for several generations, Cristiana has an innate sense of style, and a great ability to match and create a look that is  innovative and right for every occasion.

Cosmopolitan soul and interested in everything is "diverse", she has been around the world and has developed a great passion for foreign languages. She has a degree in foreign languages and literature at Rome university "La Sapienza"; She is fluent in English, French and Russian, and each of her many travels has been an occasion to meet with different cultures and styles, and  an opportunity to capture and gather the coolest, trendiest and chic clothing items from around the world.

Aside from her experience with her family business, she has worked for several years as a consultant in some of the most important fashion showrooms of Rome, a very useful experience that helped acquaint her with the buyers' mentality.

Her experiences matured into a passion, and her strive to guide and advise her family and friends in their clothes shopping endeavours inevitably turned out in the stimulating profession of PERSONAL SHOPPER.